Ethiopian Restaurant: Eating With Your Hands

This was not a restaurant, or at least it didn’t feel like one. Red upholstered benches lined the walls and brass lamps lit up cozy eating corners. The ceiling fans gave a most welcome movement to the stagnant, heavy air as the heat on this particular evening made it seem as if we really were … Continue reading Ethiopian Restaurant: Eating With Your Hands

Borromäus: Going for the Big Fish

The “Imperial Riding School Hotel”? Funny, it’s more than a mile away from the downtown tourist attraction in Vienna. And it’s not imperial either, but a Renaissance Hotel in an unassuming part of the third district, a branch of the Marriott chain. So we didn’t really have any expectations when we chose the hotel’s restaurant … Continue reading Borromäus: Going for the Big Fish

Bombay: Mumbai Heat

Warmth! That was our immediate reaction to the Bombay interior. A most welcome warmth after a walk through the windy cold of Vienna’s seventh district, and the piquant aromas of capsicum, cumin, cloves, coconut and of course, curry. Even the walls were a fiery red. The decorations were simple, white tablecloths and silver platters, small … Continue reading Bombay: Mumbai Heat